May 2018

The objective of the orchestra is to advance, improve, develop and maintain public education in, and appreciation of, the art and science of music in all its aspects by any means the Trustees see fit, including through the presentation of public concerts and recitals. In order to pursue this objective, the Orchestra needs to receive, store, and use certain personal information about its members and those who may from time to time be interested in attending events and concerts organised by the orchestra.

Players’ Information Records

The society has a legitimate interest in knowing for all players: their name; contact address, e-mail, and phone number. This is in order to communicate in both normal and emergency circumstances; to keep a record of who has custody of music owned or hired by the orchestra; to charge appropriate subscriptions and other fees; to allow the logistics of musical events to be organised; and to allow performers to be identified on concert programmes. Where members sign a Gift Aid declaration to enable the society to claim back tax in respect of subs, the society has a legitimate interest in keeping this declaration to provide evidence to the authorities in respect of any claim.

Players’ information records are held by the committee in confidential electronic and/or physical files. A player’s contact details will not be shared with other players without the prior permission of the player whose details are being shared.

Players’ information records will be held for five years after a person has last played with the orchestra and has returned all music owned or hired by the orchestra, in order to communicate with them information about orchestra events that may be of interest to them. After that, unless the former player gives explicit consent for the continued holding of their contact details, only the player’s name and a record of participation in concerts and other musical events will be retained for archive purposes. If the orchestra were to be wound up for any reason only archive information as defined above would be retained.

Mailing List

The orchestra has a mailing list containing the email contact details for people who have requested to be informed of the orchestra’s concerts. Individuals will remain on the mailing list unless they request to be removed from it. Those wishing to be removed from the list can advise of this by filling in their email address and a subject line “Remove from mailing list “ at


The orchestra publishes photographs on its Facebook page for the benefit of members and to publicise the orchestra. If faces are clearly visible then there will be no names or other identifiable features associated with the photograph unless express permission to publish the image has been obtained from all identifiable people in the photograph.

Sharing of Information

The Society does not share personal information with other organisations, unless required to do so by law.

Access to Personal Data

All players and former players have the right to ask for, and be provided with, details of their own personal data held by the orchestra and the purpose for which it is held.